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This webcast will review how Executive Information System for UltraData® Enterprise Core leverages Microsoft Reporting Services, including security and scheduling options, to deliver standard and custom reports. During this webcast, we will provide an overview of the standard reports available to credit unions, as well as how the tool enables credit unions to add data to the standard reports, customize existing reports and create new reports.
As 2015 budgets and strategies are formalized, how will your financial institution address technology, security, and regulatory requirements within your IT infrastructure? Learn the strategic and tactical goals of a well-run IT department, as well as various considerations for minimizing risk and resources.
Creating the right IT strategy for your financial institution can be challenging, and with so much talk about cloud computing, how do you know if it's the right solution to consider for your institution? Whether you are already considering a move to the cloud, or if you've ruled out cloud computing options altogether, you'll want to know these real-world mistakes made by institutions just like yours. Avoiding them will help you select the right IT strategy for your specific needs.
While some banking customers fall on one side or the other of the branch-versus-self-service channel use continuum, most customers fall somewhere in-between. The challenge for financial institutions is how to best serve all types of customers efficiently and consistently, while leveraging each channel for optimum sales and service. The latest research shows that while the trend for transactional activity is skewing toward self-service channels, most customers still use the branch for sales and service.
By now you’ve probably heard the exciting news that Harland Financial Solutions, Mortgagebot, and Compushare are now one industry-leading company, D+H. But you may not be aware of all the benefits and services available to you now as a D+H client. If you’re like most of our clients, IT is a headache and constant distraction. Now D+H can solve your IT challenges as well with our Compushare suite of services created specifically for financial institutions!
Today, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives are sweeping organizations with employees wanting to work from mobile devices not owned by the organization. While this greatly increases productivity, it comes at the cost of reduced control, potential liability, and a security and compliance issue.
Everyone is talking about cloud computing but how does this innovative technology directly impact financial institutions?
Do you really know where your sensitive data is? Could it be on devices other than your server? Do you still worry about a virus infection or malware installed on your employees' computers? Do you allow employees to use mobile devices for work purposes, including email? Do you worry about the next DDOS attack? These are the existing challenges most community financial institutions face in securing their current IT environment.
Cloud computing has certainly created a lot of buzz and discussions, so it makes sense that it has also created a lot of obscured facts and misunderstandings along the way. This webcast will differentiate the myths from facts to help financial institutions better discern the right decisions for their organization.
Join D+H for an introduction to the SBA Lending Solution module for LaserPro®. During this 15-minute complimentary webcast, you will learn how you can streamline your entire SBA lending process, from the initial financing request through closing, all in a single solution. We will demonstrate how the SBA Lending Solution provides all of the required SBA loan documents and integrates with LaserPro to provide compliant commercial security documents so that you can complete an SBA loan package with confidence.
Information security threats and breaches are increasing, and financial institutions must be more diligent than ever to keep their customer and member data safe. In this webcast, Principal Technology Strategist Kevin Prince discusses: The history of information security breaches, Specific and recent breaches and trends, How hackers exploit financial institutions, Solutions to protect customer's data.
Industry analysts continue to predict that owning technology assets will be a thing of the past in just the next year, but how can organizations ensure that moving their entire technology infrastructure and applications “to the cloud” is, in fact, secure and will meet all of their compliance and business requirements?