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The world of financial technology looks different every single day, but as your partner, we believe it’s our responsibility to think one step ahead and provide you with the relevant information you need to help your business grow and succeed.

Because partners should do more than provide products. Partners should inspire you to find a better way for your customers by delivering the insights into the issues that will affect your future.

And at D+H, that’s exactly what we do. Because we believe that knowledge is power, but only when it’s shared.


Client Highlights

Many financial institutions are using our solutions to help them succeed. Find out what our clients are saying and gain ideas on how you can take your productivity to the next level.

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The combination of CreditQuest® and LaserPro® helps Southport Bank streamline lending processes, reduce redundant steps and decrease errors in its commercial lending area.
December 10, 2014
First State Bank, a long-time Sparak® System Core, Cavion® and ActiveView® user, purchased three-branch Patriot Bank in March 2014. With careful planning and help from the D+H team, First State migrated these new branches to Sparak System Core and the other D+H solutions over a single weekend, with minimal impact on Patriot customers.
November 25, 2014


D+H boasts some of the top thought leaders in the industry on a variety of topics. Take a look at what we are saying.

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Enticed by the promise of increased performance and employee flexibility, financial institutions are rightfully beginning to allow employees to bring personally-owned devices into the workplace. Moving into the fully mobile workforce era, we see the trend continue to move into the hands of the consumer. While controlling the enterprise used to be a fairly simple endeavor, financial institutions are now faced with a never-ending onslaught of devices that are smaller, faster and more capable than even the computers sitting on the desktop. Without effective risk strategies, this poses a significant threat to any financial institution that allows Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) into their environment.
October 15, 2014
We live in an age where disasters are on the rise, be it technical, human, or natural events. If you're like many financial institutions today, your disaster recovery plan consists of backing up your servers and data to a tape drive, or perhaps you've already upgraded to an online backup solution. But what would really happen in a significant disaster? Could you really continue with day-to-day operations? At many institutions, it would take well over a week to fully recover. Others are spending huge sums on a redundant disaster recovery infrastructure by investing considerable capital and resources on a backup system that is seldom used and still has multiple failure points. But new technologies are finally solving this long-standing issue, making your institution's continuity assured, straight-forward, and much more affordable than building it yourself.
October 2, 2014
Information security practices are one of the most important safeguards for community financial institutions. Find out how the right cloud computing solution can actually provide much more security than a traditional on premise network.
June 19, 2014

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Convenient and flexible bill payment options allow you to quickly attract, retain and better serve your consumers. Cavion® Bill Pay is secure, cost-effective and one of the most complete bill management services in the market. Without leaving your website, consumers will receive, view, manage and pay all of their bills, paper or electronic.
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Is your financial institution offering the necessary tools and resources to attract business customers? Cavion® Business Banking is a real-time, comprehensive solution that provides the features and online functionality your business customers desire, while delivering the level of flexibility and security your financial institution demands. To learn more about our comprehensive, secure business banking solution, view this solution tour.
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Does your Internet banking solution deliver the convenience, reliability and high-level security today’s consumers demand? View this solution tour to learn how Cavion® Internet Banking – our real-time, comprehensive electronic banking solution - will help your financial institution attract, retain and serve consumers in a secure, dependable environment.
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Speakers Bureau

D+H has many experts who are available to speak at your event. View the speaker options we offer and request a speaker here.

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This interactive session covers specific principles and key steps to assist financial institutions in achieving and maintaining a competitive edge in the new market. The presenter will also offer attendees the opportunity to take a credit risk self-assessment survey.
As Internet banking quickly expands into mobile banking, so does the rate of potential fraud via phishing, forged checks, and hacks into the network. FFIEC guidelines have helped financial institutions guard against online attacks but fraudsters continue to seek new ways to infiltrate. In this presentation, you will learn the latest strategies in fraud detection and prevention to help protect your institution and its most important asset, your customers, against fraudulent activity.
More than ever, business entities are your customers. They should be an important part of your growth strategy. But, do you have a solid, working understanding of business entity basics? Senior Compliance Counsels Jay Jennings and Melinda Williams will cover the basic types of business entities (such as LLCs, corporations, partnership and more), trends in entity use, and the importance of correctly documenting an entity in loan and deposit transactions.

Analyst Viewpoints

D+H engages industry analysts for their recommendations on our software, messaging and other market and competitive information. These industry analyst firms offer research and insights, through their reports, events and consulting projects, to financial institutions evaluating technology purchases.

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A complimentary Aite report on how banks and credit unions' juggle credit risk in a highly competitive, low-demand market when the end game is profitable portfolio growth.
September 29, 2014
View a complimentary copy of a technology analysis by CEB TowerGroup identifying the key components of a technology investment decision and a comparison of various vendor technology products.
September 22, 2014
This research presents several best practices that can help bank CIOs and COOs in their quest for identifying and realizing the full potential for cloud adoption.
March 21, 2014

White Papers

Take a look at what our thought leaders are saying about a variety of industry topics.

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Today, many banking enterprises operate in siloed, multi-vendor environments, saddled with solutions that don’t integrate well with each other. Although some institutions have automated their branches, these workflows don’t extend to the other channels. That presents a real dilemma when it comes to sales and service. By implementing a Branch Automation and Sales & Service tool, like D+H’s Encore®, it plays out much differently.
December 5, 2014
This article addresses the development and use of a Rules-Based Early Warning System (RBEWS) framework specifically for asset-based lending (ABL).
November 26, 2014
One of the biggest challenges financial institutions face today is choosing the right technology management partner. This challenge leads many institutions to make some very common mistakes when evaluating providers. Learn how to correctly evaluate your options and avoid some of the most common mistakes to ensure the best choice is made for your institution.
October 31, 2014

Archived Webcasts

View our recorded webcasts on a variety of industry topics.

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This webcast will review how Executive Information System for UltraData® Enterprise Core leverages Microsoft Reporting Services, including security and scheduling options, to deliver standard and custom reports. During this webcast, we will provide an overview of the standard reports available to credit unions, as well as how the tool enables credit unions to add data to the standard reports, customize existing reports and create new reports.
As 2015 budgets and strategies are formalized, how will your financial institution address technology, security, and regulatory requirements within your IT infrastructure? Learn the strategic and tactical goals of a well-run IT department, as well as various considerations for minimizing risk and resources.
Creating the right IT strategy for your financial institution can be challenging, and with so much talk about cloud computing, how do you know if it's the right solution to consider for your institution? Whether you are already considering a move to the cloud, or if you've ruled out cloud computing options altogether, you'll want to know these real-world mistakes made by institutions just like yours. Avoiding them will help you select the right IT strategy for your specific needs.